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There's never a shortage of things to do during the summer.

Otter Rapids

A 6-minute drive past Missinipe will take you to the Otter Rapids Bridge, where you can view the rapids from above. This is also the departure point for the Devil’s Lake hike, a scenic 3.5km out-and-back trail which follows the rapids.

​Interpretative Lake Tour

Three hour boat tours of North Falls, pictographs and Otter lake are available for guests starting at $125/person for a minimum of 4 passengers charge. $100 for each additional person up to 8 passengers.

Scenic Flight

A 45-minute tour over Nistowiak Falls, Twin Falls and Otter Lake. Starting at $1,400 for up to 4 people. $350 for each additional person up to 5 passengers.

Evening Scenic Cruise

A relaxing cruise on a pontoon around Otter Lake with an incredible sunset view. $30/person for a 45-minute cruise, maximum of 8 people and minimum charge of 4 people.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

The oldest building in Saskatchewan still standing today. Reverend Robert Hunt built Holy Trinity, between 1854 and 1860, for the Anglican Church Missionary Society and named it after his Stanley Park home in Gloucestershire, England. You can get to the Holy Trinity Anglican Church by boat, from Stanley Mission or via Twin Falls.

Hiking Trails

Thompson's Resort has many hiking trails for the adventurous. You can check all them out below. 


Community Park



Berry Picking

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